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I guess you could say that I fell in love with Teddy Bears from the day I was born. My Grandmother gave me my first teddy bear while I was still in the hospital to welcome me into the world. It was love at first sight and we have been together ever since. We have been on hundreds of adventures and Teddy is looking a bit worn and tired now. He has lots of love spots where his fur is worn off from too many hugs and kisses. He is still #1 in my heart and has been the inspiration for a lifelong passion.

I started collecting bears in 1982 and I have added many more bears to my hug over the years. Although I collect all types of bears I discovered that I have a soft spot for Teddies that look a bit tattered and well loved. I am drawn to their strong character and endearing faces.

Most recently I have been inspired to design and create my own Teddy Bears. I have been designing my own bears for 1 year now and I thoroughly enjoy it. With each design I try to capture a little bit of childhood and impart an image of a bear that has lots of stories to tell. I use only the finest materials and try to express my love for bears through each creation I make.

I hope you enjoy visiting my bears.

Bear Hugs!



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